What are the blocks made of?

They are made of low carbon impact, non-toxic, lightweight waterproof foam, the blocks are resistant to mould, mildew, corrosion, and micro-organisms. Introducing breakthrough technologies, these highly durable parts are biodegradable and can be returned to the manufacturer for recycling.

What is the role of the Play Associate?

There must be one trained Play Associate with the blocks per 20 builders. The Play Associate sets up and steps back. They do not instruct, but rather encourage. They are responsible for maintaining the safety of the play area, preventing children climbing on the blocks or hitting each other with them. PlayCanDo will assist and guide the initial training for the Play Associate.

Is there any Play Associate training available?

With every Big Block & Medium Block set purchased, PlayCanDo will include a Play Associates Guide available in Greek & English, user manual and training video link.

Storage & transport?

One Classic Set of Big Blue Blocks approximate overall dimensions are Length 10m x Depth 0.70m x Height 0.90 mtrs. Storage options are available if planning to move the blocks to different spaces such as, indoors and out. In order to transport the blocks to an entirely different venue ideally a trailer of some sort, van or small truck will be required.

How soon will the blocks be available when I order?

The Big and Medium Blocks Sets are made to order by the manufacturer and finished by hand, which takes approximately 30 days. They are then shipped from the US which takes another 30 days. In total delivery will take approximately 60 days from purchase order.

What materials can be added to maximise loose parts play?

Combine the blocks with a variety of found objects such as plastic tubes, fabric, and large props as a medium for creative expression. The objects become accessories and accents. The found objects you choose to integrate with the Imagination Playground™ Blocks will depend on the play surface, the age of the children and the frequency of their visits. The blocks can also be used with sand & water to elevate block play to another level.

Are they safe?

Adult supervision is required at all times. All Imagination Playground™ products can be used on nearly any flat surface, indoors or outdoors. This includes outdoor surfaces such as grass, artificial turf, mulch, sand, or rubber mats; and all interior surfaces such as carpet, linoleum, tile, or wood. Storage containers must not be handled by children and must never be used as part of the play kit.

Do the blocks meet safety standards?

The blocks meet the latest EU safety regulations and have been tested and approved by Bureau Veritas based on the European Standard “Safety of Toys” & “Playground Equipment” and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CFSC) standards.

How are they cleaned?

For cleaning, use a non-toxic detergent and water with a sponge or a soft-bristle scrub brush. Do not use strong cleaners. Each storage unit should be dry before storing the blocks inside. It is recommended the products be stored indoors. Storage in extreme weather conditions such as, heavy rain, snow or freezing temperatures is not recommended.

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