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Powering Imagination

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our story

Our Story

The idea of PlayCanDo was born out of the need to share our family’s play revolution with others, in the hope that more children are given the opportunity to play & learn in this way.

It started out with a few boxes of “things”, various shapes and materials I found around the house that I thought my eldest son would find interesting.

It turns out he was more interested in these “things” than his already vast collection of battery-operated toys which are colourful, shiny and loud. I gradually transformed our playroom into a “loose parts” menagerie (not of course knowing what loose parts were at the time).

My children drove this organically as I observed how they played and saw what intrigued them and what excited them. We have since done away with elaborate structured toys and replaced them with all sorts of materials or loose parts, in the process creating a play environment that powers their imagination and brings out their creativity. Learning and having fun through tinkering, designing & experimenting!

our mission

Our Mission

Bring Back
Unstructured Play

Our mission is to bring a better understanding to parents, educators & children of the importance of free play.

What We Do

We source unique play tools based on loose parts that encourage child-directed play.

Fuel Curiosity

We create an environment that helps to fuel curiosity & drive imagination.

Endless Possibilities

The best play comes from things that allow children to play in many different ways and on many different levels. Play is most creative in settings that can be manipulated.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”


PlayCanDo has brought
the magic of the
Imagination PlaygroundTM
Blue Blocks to Greece.

Designed by architect David Rockwell of the Rockwell Group & manufactured in the US.

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Big Blue Blocks

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Small Blue Blocks

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Medium Blue Blocks

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